Workspace in Power BI

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Supported Data Sources in PowerBI

Power BI supports a wide variety of data sources. When you select Get data, it displays all of the available data connections. It enables you to connect to various flat files, SQL databases, Azure cloud, and web platforms such as Facebook, Google Analytics, and Salesforce objects. It also contains an ODBC connection for connecting to non-listed ODBC data sources.

Table 1: Supported Data Sources in Power BI

Workspace in Power BI

Figure 1: Workspace in Power BI

Basic Views

There are three basic views:

  • Report View
  • Data View
  • Relationship View

Report View: 

This is the main view where the visuals along with dashboards are created.

Figure 2: Report View in Power BI

Data View:

This gives you the entire view of your data.

Figure 3: Data View in Power BI

Relationship View:

This represents the relationships between the tables.

Figure 4: Relationship View in Power BI

Power BI Pricing

Let’s look at the table below to see the Power BI Pricing:

Table 2: Power BI Pricing

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