Reports in Power BI

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Reports are a grouping of visualizations that can be displayed on one or more pages. These visualizations are generally linked together. Here in this report we have been analyzing the data professional survey. You can simply drag the fields and drop it in the canvas. You can choose any kind of chart you want your data to display in.

Saving the file in Power BI

After creating BI reports in Power BI desktop, you may share them with other business users. All BI reports, dashboards, and data in the organization can be shared with other colleagues and business users.

  • You can share reports using the ways listed below.
  • Use the Power BI Service to publish reports.
  • Content Packs are collections of dashboards, reports, and datasets obtained using the BI desktop tool.
  • For report sharing, create Groups and provide certain access to different users.
  • To access shared dashboards and reports, use the Power BI mobile apps.

Publishing the Dashboard in Power BI

Data is only helpful when it can be exchanged between individuals or organizations. The Dashboard or reports generated can be shared by publishing them to the Power BI Service. The Dashboards/Reports can then be viewed or interacted with using the Power BI Apps.

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