Relational Database VS Graph Database

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In this article, you will see a comparison between a graph database and a relational database

Graph DatabaseRelational Database
FormatNodes and edgesRows and columns
RelationshipsRepresented by text on edges between nodesRelated across tables, established using foreign keys between tables
Complex queriesRun quickly and don’t require joinsRequire complex joins between the tables
SchemaDoes not have a predefined schemaUses a predefined schema
Query LanguageStructured Query Language (SQL)Graph Query Language ( Gremlin, Cypher)
PerformanceFaster because of indexingRelatively slower
Top use casesRelationship- heavy use cases, including fraud detection and recommendation enginesTransaction focused use cases, including online transactions and accounting
ExampleNeo4j, ArangoDB, Amazon NeptuneSQL, Oracle, Mysql

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