BigQuery Benefits

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BigQuery has wide-ranging benefits, especially when it comes to BigData and Data Warehouse scenarios . Following are some of them:

  • Bigquery is a highly available service that provides automatic data replication within multiple locations.
  • BigQuery supports the standard SQL dialect, which is ANSI:2011 compliant.
  • Federated data can be managed by BigQuery so you can connect to your external data sources and process that data which is stored outside of BigQuery. 
  • Automatic Backups are performed regularly and BigQuery replicates your data and maintains a 7 day history of all the changes you’ve made. 
  • Data security is an essential part of BigQuery and it provides that in spades by encrypting the data at rest as well as in transit. 
  • IAM policies and roles can be managed to provide fine-grained access where required. 
  • In BigQuery, the storage and compute of the model are separate from each other. This provides you with ACID compliant storage operations, stateless resilient computation and cheaper, more scalable storage.

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