Extract Data From a CSV File and Transform it Into a Desired Format

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You can extract data from a CSV file and transform it into a desired format using the following steps in bash:

  1. Read the CSV file line by line using a loop and the read command.
  2. Parse the values in each line using the IFS (Internal Field Separator) variable.
  3. Store the values in variables.
  4. Use the values in variables to build the desired format.
  5. Echo the result to the console or write it to a file.

Here’s an example of extracting data from a CSV file and transforming it into a tab-separated format:


# Specify the input file

# Read the file line by line
while IFS=',' read -r col1 col2 col3
  # Transform the values into tab-separated format

  # Echo the result
  echo "$result"
done < "$input_file"

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